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You Have This Day In Front of You (E-book Edition)

Image of You Have This Day In Front of You (E-book Edition)


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“Brilliant.” “Unique”
“Deep and expressive”

“Lovely” “Intriguing”
“Thought-provoking and original”

You keep searching...

This is a book that started as one thing and ended as another. A book that unfurled over a sunny autumn and an icy winter in 2010, lit up by a flicker of hope and a determination to succeed. A book that twists slightly the deeper you look, a book that healed once it'd uprooted everything it required to become complete.

It's a ray of cold sunshine or an embrace with a shunt in the right path, a smile on bitter lips or a sly breeze in close summer that slits right through.

It's whatever you need it to mean, for you.

Short pieces, poetry and odd lines; 44 pages of goodness, full colour cover by Emily Boyle and a lot of heart.

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