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Why You're Gorgeous (E-book edition)

Image of Why You're Gorgeous (E-book edition)



Have you ever felt less than utterly delectable? Ever ruled out the possibility of wearing something that you loved (hello, leopard print Speedos) because you were afraid of what people might think? Have you ever considered chainsawing your thighs or diving into a cereal diet? Are you concerned that you can't be manly if you wear pink? Have you ever been told that real women are all curvy? Could you never, ever have the confidence to chat to a stranger? Have other beauty books berated your lipstick loving or attempted to shove you under the scalpel? Not believing that you're exceptionally attractive? Not believing in yourself? You've come to the right place, chérie.

Welcome to the world of Why You're Gorgeous.

Why are we existing in the age of fashionable self-loathing, endless bad dates and twenty-nine year shelf-life when we could be living in never-ending glorious self-adoration? It's time we skipped à la Bambi along the path to self-love.
It's possible.

Why You're Gorgeous loves you, your skin colour, your sexuality, your age, your shoe size, your laugh, your waist line, your dreams, your cellulite, your warts and your _______. Made up of talking, tips, exquisite bad jokes, real people's quotes, illustrations and frank and fun anecdotes, we're gonna leave you inspired, relaxed, smart, confident (yes, really) and a hell of a lot more self-loving. What are you waiting for, gorgeous? Let's get going!

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